Thimiana is located 7 km to the South of the city of Chios, 10 min by car. It is among the larger villages on the island with approximately 1600 inhabitants. The village used to be called “Efthymiana”, that is place renowned for its many quarries from which the “Thymiana” stone was extracted in many shades of brown and red. The Thymiana stone is an excellent ornamental material for buildings. Many mansions and churches in Kambos are built with this stone. The village of Thymiana has a primary school, sports associations, a swimming club, a cultural club as well as the large church dedicated to Aghios Efstratios, a masterpiece of local architecture, also built with the well-known Thymiana stone. Near the church of Aghios Efstratios one may enjoy the Garden of Fatourou. Thymiana is also known for its Carnival, called Mostra by the locals.