Chios Island

The short distance that separates the island of Chios from Asia Minor coast, its great area, its climate and the fertility of its land with the unique mastic, were the main reasons that the island was inhabited continuously and uninterruptedly since the Stone Age.

The Prefecture of Chios has an area of 904 square kilometers. It consists of three islands, Chios, Oinousses and Psara. Chios is one of the largest islands of Northern Aegean and the fifth largest island in Greece, with a coastline of 213 km. It is very close to Asia Minor and opposite the peninsula of Erithrea, from which it is separated by the strait of the same name. The population of Chios reaches 54,000 residents, living in the city of Chios and in the 64 villages of the island.

Chios is diverse…
Chios is an island where each step is a pleasant surprise. Its earth, fertile and special at every corner, with large morphological differences between the central, north and south, has made its residents to have different living conditions even from village to village.

     So in every village and at distances not too far apart, depending on the terrain, climate and distance from the sea, one meets different cultures, different houses, different architecture, different dialect, and even different dances and customs. For this reason, it is not easy to describe the island in a nutshell. But it can be promised that no matter how many days you spend on your vacation here, you will not get bored!

How to get here
On the island of Chios you can come either by boat or by plane. The service runs daily throughout the year.

  • Domestic flights are currently operated by three Greek airlines. Olympic, Astra and Aegean Airlines. The flight from Athens to Chios takes about 35 minutes.
  • Two Greek shipping companies operate daily routes connecting the island with the port of Piraeus. Hellenic Seaways and NEL Lines (Lesvos Shipping Company). Routes are run by speedboats and conventional ferries with the trip duration ranging from 4.5 to 9 hours, respectively.
  • Apart from the port of Piraeus, the island is connected with the following ports: The neighboring islands of Mytilene (daily), Samos and Limnos. Thessaloniki, Alexandroupolis and Kavala throughout the year. During the summer season there are also connections with other islands.
  • In addition, there are daily connections to and from neighboring Turkey, in particular the port of Cesme, which is one hour drive from Izmir.
  • Finally, from the port of Chios, there are daily connections to the island of Oinousses and three times a week to Psara.